Support and resources for BAME Communities

This page lists information, sources of support and resources for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME*) communities during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. 

There is also more general information on our main Coronavirus web page here.

Please note that this is a fast changing situation and although this page is updated regularly, the information contained may not be fully up to date. If you are aware of information that you think would be useful for this page, please email Viki Lee at GMCVO.

On this page:

*GMCVO uses the BAME abbreviation as we believe it is widely understood, but we acknowledge many feel this term is inadequate and limiting. We are therefore currently reviewing of our use of the term. Our principle is to refer to individuals, organisations or networks by the terminology they themselves prefer.

Translated Resources

Public Health England (PHE) have Covid-19 resources translated into different languages available to download here.

They have also published a set of 52 COVID-19 explainer videos You Tube. They are short and easy to share and address many of the common COVID-19 vaccination programme queries and FAQs. Find out more here

AskDoc have produced short videos of NHS England Covid-19 advice and answering common questions about the Covid vaccines translated into a number of languages. View them all here.

AskDoc have produced a growing online resource of videos answering common questions about the Covid vaccines in a range of languages. The videos include how both the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines work.

Click here to view the videos

British Red Cross have produced a short video and facts around the Covid-19 vaccine translated into six languages. Access the infromation here.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority have produced a '10 ways to do you self isolation' checklist in Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, Gujarti, Hindi, Pakistani Punjabi, Polish, Somali and Urdu. The documents are available in editable format so you can include your web address, email and logo). If you require any of these documents, please email

Manchester City Council has produced a leaflet that can be downloaded in 22 languages to assist people to access online services relating to Covid-19. You can access the leaflets here.

They have translated information and guidance about Test and Trace into 12 languages with subtitles and BSL here.

Manchester City Council has produced briefing notes for sharing information about the Covid 19 vaccination programme with communities. While the notes have been written for communities based in Manchester, the majority of the information is relevant to all across Greater Manchester. The briefing notes have been translated into 13 additional languages. Click here to view. 

Salford City Council has produced posters and leaflets with some simple key messages on protecting communities from coronavirus which are available in 15 languages. Download here.

Doctors of The World have published government COVID-19 guidance in a number of languages. The documents can be found here

The Traumatic Stress Service in Bristol has produced 'A Guide on Coping Strategies in Anxious Times', translated into 13 languages here.

The Parenting for Lifelong Health project has produced resources and tips for parenting during the Covid-19 pandemic in over 100 languages here

South Asian Health Foundation has a range of resources and links about Coronavirus in South Asian languages here.

Covid-19 Infographics have produced a range of useful infographics in different languages here

Near Neighbours have developed Covid Safety and vaccination content to reach out to diverse communities across the UK. Available in 12 languages

Covid: explained in five South Asian languages. 

A brand new BBC video content in 5 South Asian languages - Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Sylheti and Gujarati is now available.

Please share this content where appropriate through your channels:

Alchemy Arts have teamed up with Salford CCG to produce a series of five COVID-19 explainer videos as part of their Salford TEK Eagles project. The videos were made available in 11 minority languages, including Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati and are still available online for you to share with your communities to tackle misinformation about coronavirus. Click here to find out more. 

Other Useful Resources

Race Equality Foundation has produced a blog with lots of useful information and resources. Read the blog here.

Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has produced lots of guidance and resources including advice for individuals and mosques and guidance from the National Burial Council. Visit their dedicated Coronavirus web page here.

The Ubele Initiative has a dedicated Covid-19 support and resource page for BAME communities which includes the option to stay up to date by signing up for their weekly newsletter. Access the page here.

Spark & Co has a Covid-19 resource hub for BAME communities here.

50 humanitarian organisations have produced a children's storybook to help children aged 6-11 cope with coronavirus, available online and as an audiobook in 24 languages here.


Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership have commissioned a range of BAME mental health support services in response to Covid-19. Find out more here.

Europia is working to ensure EU nationals living across Greater Manchester have all the support they need during the pandemic including:

  • an Emergency Fund for vulnerable EU nationals living across Greater Manchester. Grants of £30-60 are available to purchase essential supplies. 

  • translations of COVID-19 NHS Guidance into Bulgarian, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, and Lithuanian. 

  • a befriending phone-line service for Polish people who are over-50 years old.

Find out more about these services on their website here.

Flowhesion Foundation has launched a COVID-19 Response and Support Hub that offers free bilingual support and counselling for south-Asian communities across Greater Manchester. Find out more here.

Manchester City Council has introduced a service that can offer support to individuals for who English is not their first language to help them with their Internet use - e.g. online shopping, video calling friends and family, applying for universal credit etc.  The service can be accessed by calling the Councils response hub on 0800 234 6123 or by a friend/organisation emailing     

The Quran for Hospitals Project is a scheme providing Quran speakers to hospitals in the UK. You can donate or request speakers here.

Empower Consultants offer free Covid-19 advice and support for South Asians living in Manchester, Trafford or Tameside. Support is available in Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali. Call 0300 323 0612 or email

NESTAC has launched a GM wide service for individuals from BAME communities affected by Covid-19 and/or BAME women and young girls who are victims of abuse and violence.  Find out more about 'Ear for you' here

General Information

The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has produced an FAQ for Muslim communities regarding fasting and Covid-19 vaccinations. They have also produced a graphic you can share on social media, which shares the key message that taking the Covid-19 vaccination does not invalidate the fast during Ramadan.

Vaccines: preventing the spread of false information

The government has launched the SHARE checklist to tackle the spread of false information about coronavirus and vaccinations. Recently there has been a lot of false information about coronavirus and the new vaccines designed to tackle it and it’s not always easy to spot. The SHARE checklist is an easy tool to pass on to people in your community to help them know what to look out for before they like, comment, or share information they come across online. 
If you are looking for information on vaccination safety, please see the NHS guide on Why vaccination is safe and important. The independent fact-checker Full Fact is also working to fact check and correct misinformation about vaccines and coronavirus and regularly updates its website to tackle the latest false information. 

Centre of Wellbeing, Training and Culture (CWTC) in Rochdale welcomed Mayor Andy Burnham onto their podcast in March 2021, discussing progress on Covid-19 vaccinations and the impact of coronavirus on GM businesses, the response from the VCSE sector, health inequalities, homeless people, arts and heritage. You can catch up here

Oldham Mosques Council launched an online survey in December 2020 to determine some of the possible reasons behind a reluctance to have the Covid-19 vaccination in some sections of the BAME community. Read their report here.

The Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) recently held a virtual panel discussion with Black GPs and senior consultants who have had the vaccine and are happy to share why they support it. Watch the video on YouTube here.

They have also produced a report which provides insight into the influences which affect Caribbean and African people's decision to have the vaccine. Access the report here

The British Islamic Medical Association has written an open letter to Muslim Community Leaders asking for support in encouraging communities to stay at home, to promote the Covid 19 vaccination and asking Mosques to try and stay ahead of the curve in terms of risk assessment and congregational/communal activities. Read the letter here.

They have also published a position statement on the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. Read it here.

The British Islamic Medical Association has issued new guidelines for the performance of ghusl for deceased persons with Covid-19 here and here.

The Ubele Initiative conducted two surveys between 19th March and 4th April. The initial findings have been published here and the latest report can be found here.

Manchester Muslim Burials have issued a response plan to prepare for Covid-19 deaths. You can read it here.

Women's Aid has issued safety advice for survivors here.

NHS has information about Covid-19 and Sickle Cell Disorders here.

Charity So White has published a position paper giving an overview of the risks and impact of Covid-19 on racial inequalities within the UK and gives recommendations for civil society and its funders to help address the issues. Read the paper here.

The Black South West Network are conducting a survey of the impact that Covid-19 is having on Black and Asian led businesses and organisations. The initial findings are documented here

Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has published guidance on the phased re-opening of mosques here.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has published a report exploring whether some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to Covid-19 than others. Read it here.

Information for Refugees, Asylum-Seekers and Migrants

Asylum Matters have put together updates relating to Covid-19 and its impact on asylum and migration here.

Right to Remain has explained changes to the asylum and immigration processes due to COVID-19 here.

Migrant Information Hub has other resources for migrants and their advocates on their website here.

UKLGIG and the Red Cross have set up two Google groups to facilitate communications in the refugee and migration sector on coronavirus. 

  • The COVID-19 operations group will focus on service delivery, support, and sustaining organisations 

  • The COVID-19 policy group will discuss policy and advocacy efforts around migrants and refugees and COVID-19

If you would like to join either or both groups, please email Catherine at UKLGIG

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has joined together with other organisations to write to the Home Secretary calling for specific measures to ensure the safety of migrants in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read the letter and add your name here.

Letter to Home Secretary on immigration detention 
A group of 10 organisations have written to the Home Secretary raising concerns about the risk of an outbreak in immigration detention and calls for the release of all immigration detainees. You can read the full letter here.

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