GM Equality Alliance

GM=EqAl (formerly the GM Inclusion and Wellbeing Partnership, IWP), is a growing alliance of VCSE groups and organisations, drawn from a wide range of communities of experience across GM. 

Currently hosted by GMCVO, we are the only Greater Manchester equalities ‘panel’ with a broad, pan-equality remit. We sit outside the direct governance structures of either the GM Combined Authority (GMCA) or GM Health & Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP), accountable to our members and communities, whilst seeking to support and have strategic influence across the public sector.

Why are we doing it?

GM=EqAl brings together a multitude of voices and perspectives to influence policy in Greater Manchester. By taking an intersectional approach, joining up and learning from the wealth of knowledge of people with lived experience, grassroots community groups, equalities organisations, and diversity and inclusion champions across different sectors, we aim to ensure transformational change in the way that issues are considered, information collected and acted up, and in the make-up of those making the decisions.

How can you get involved?

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GM Equality Alliance Events

Discussion with the Chair of the GM Independent Inequalities Commission
Thu, 26 Nov 2020


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