About the Alliance

GM=EqAl is funded by the GM Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) and hosted by GMCVO, and is accountable to its members and communities. It seeks to support and have strategic influence across the public sector in the spirit of the Greater Manchester VCSE Accord signed by GM Mayor Andy Burnham in November 2017, and the collaborative partnership enshrined in the 2017 Memorandum of Understanding between the GM VCSE sector and GMHSCP.

The Working Group

The GM=EqAl Working Group has a membership of 30+ VCSE equalities experts from across Greater Manchester who come together to share their expertise on specific marginalised groups and communities of experience or identity. Most are closely linked to grassroots networks in their locality or beyond. Members meet monthly as well as contributing to consultations and other pieces of work via project sub-groups. Most of the Working Group members also represent GM=EqAl in at least one strategic Greater Manchester-wide forum, network or panel. 


The Wider Network

GM=EqAl also manages a virtual cross-sector network which is open to everyone with an interest in equality, diversity and inclusion in Greater Manchester. It includes representatives of equalities organisations and grassroots groups, VCSE and public sector equality and diversity leads, and independent equalities experts. 

To connect/register with the network, click the link below. You will receive regular eBulletins, keeping you up to date with news and events.


Other Attenders

There is a standing invitation to Greater Manchester public sector equalities staff, and delegated representatives of the eight GM Equality Panels, to attend GM=EqAl Working Group meetings as observers. 10GM, a coalition of local infrastructure organisations for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, also sends a respresentative.

GM Equality Map


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