We are calling on employers to get involved in Greater Manchester's Hidden Talent.

Work on our forerunner programme, Greater Manchester Talent Match, revealed numerous employers who wanted to and did employ young people with barriers to work. Many of these employers adopted fresh ideas and approaches and made a huge impact on young lives.

Change is not without challenge. Companies face obvious performance pressures and young people may have limited experience of workplace settings.  That said, employer adjustments are often minor but yield massive benefits to the wider workforce - not just for young people.

We can help employers open themselves up to young people furthest from the workplace. Doing so boosts the local economy, helps make society fairer and secures businesses' future talent pipelines.

How employers can get involved: 

  • Concerned about getting young people through the door? In our Be Clear, Remove Fear workshops, our Youth Panel review entry level job advertisements, recruitment websites and processes. 

  • Our employer toolkit offers top tips for making recruitment processes accessible to young people with barriers to employment / limited work experience.

  • Sharing good practice. We will be bringing employers together at workshops and seminars addressing perceived obstacles on either side of the supply-demand divide  

  • Creating work experience or placement opportunities: we can help you mould these to best benefit you and young people.

To register interest in any of the above please contact ben.reese@gmcvo.org.uk / 0161 277 1046. 


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