Youth Panel


The Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent Youth Panel sat at the heart of the programme.

Hosted by programme partners, Greater Manchester Youth Network, the Youth Panel were valued participants in the planning, implementation and evaluation of our work.

Members were aged 18-25 and had at some point experienced barriers to employment. As such, they acted as our conscience and kept the programme accountable to the needs and viewpoints of our target groups.

From listening to and working with our Youth Panel we had a better understanding of the diverse needs of marginalised and vulnerable young people and the barriers to employment that they face.

Throughout the course of the programme, the Youth Panel worked on the Be Clear, Remove Fear campaign, and, chose their own projects relating to contemporary youth employment issues. The Youth Panel were members of the GM’s Hidden Talent Strategic Steering Group.

Youth Panel-led projects from Greater Manchester Talent Match show how youth voice can be front and centre of conversations on youth employment : 


Youth Panel Biographies

"I dislike the traditional interview process and feel that job interviews should be more practical."



I joined the Youth Panel because I wanted to make a difference for young people. My skills and interests are in the creative field - filmmaking, acting, writing and theatre. I care about making a difference in the community and for other people especially with important subjects such as climate change, mental health and homelessness. I like to do this through volunteering or via youth projects and activities, community projects and social action campaigns.


I joined the Youth Panel because I wanted to get out of the house more, meet new people and make new friends. My skills and interests including computing - I like fixing computers, coding and gaming. I also enjoy listening to and playing music. My barriers to finding employment have included roles having strict qualification requirements (eg, GCSEs at Grade C or above) and struggling to find a job that I enjoy and makes me feel motivated to go to work. I find it very frustrating when you don't hear back after sending job applications. My Talent Coach is someone I am able to speak to regarding any issues that I have. They have signposted me to organisations that I can help with (GMYN) and organisations who can help me (42nd Street).


I joined the GM's Hidden Talent Youth Panel after I finished college. I was struggling to find a job, and I saw the opportunity to join and I wanted to make myself useful. My skills include problem-solving and being honest, and I am also good at maths. I feel strongly about LGBTQ+ rights and equality for all in the workplace - and in life - particularly for gender minority people. I have struggled finding employment because I don’t have a full CV or much work experience, and I struggle with navigating job searches and websites.


I joined the Youth Panel because I wanted to make new friends and it was something new to do, and I was previously on Talent Match (as a beneficiary) and on the Talent Match Youth Panel. Being on the Youth Panel has helped increase my confidence. I have worked as a lifeguard in the past and would like to do this again in the future. 


I joined the Youth Panel about two and a half years ago, back when it was the Talent Match Youth Panel. I joined because I thought it was an interesting opportunity to learn new skills and do new things whilst also helping others. My skills are public speaking and problem solving. I am interested in LGBTQ+ issues and environmental issues. I am also interested in reading and writing fiction and I am a big Harry Potter fan.

Former Youth Panel members


I joined the Youth Panel at the very start of the project. I'd previously been a member of the Youth Panel on Greater Manchester’s Talent Match! I joined so that I could gain new skills, and new experiences and have enjoyed my time as a Youth Panel member on both programmes. I will soon be moving on to the role of Volunteer Youth Panel Assistant. My skills include communication and social skills, ICT, and administration skills; and I have experience of working with employers to make their opportunities youth and disability friendly. I am passionate about making sure that young people have the same opportunities as adults. I have a disability, and sometimes I have found this to be a barrier to finding work. I dislike the traditional interview process and feel that job interviews should be more practical.


I joined the Youth Panel because I wanted to get involved in a group. It wasn't on my radar beforehand, but I was a part of Hidden Talent and my Talent Coach suggested I join the Youth Panel. I enjoy playing video games and D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) and I like playing and listening to music. I have an interest in Technical Theatre and recently completed a Technical Theatre Traineeship. I have found it difficult to find work because my confidence was shattered after university, I haven't had much interview experience and I don't know where to look for the work that I want to do. Things I have gained from working with my Talent Coach are - confidence, skills related to employment and I found a career possibility that I really enjoy and am hoping to get into.

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