GM Green Summit Agenda

In his manifesto, Andy Burnham, the Greater Manchester Mayor included a pledge to hold a Green Summit within his first year of office ‘to declare a new, accelerated ambition for Greater Manchester (GM) on the green economy and carbon-neutrality’. A Green Summit Steering Group was drawn together from a broad spectrum of interested stakeholders and chaired by Cllr Alex Ganotis. GMCVO is an active member of the Steering Group, which delivered the first Green Summit in March 2018 following a series of workshops, listening events and survey responses to determine the focus.

The 2018 Summit presented the challenges, the science and explored the aspirations of the people of GM. To achieve a goal of living within our carbon budget i.e. not making things worse, a combination of behaviour change and technology is needed. The benefits are local as well as global, the more individuals, organisations, businesses and institutions that are able to contribute to making change, the greater the chance of success.

The Green Summit 2019 was an even bigger event. Hosted at the Lowry Centre the programme was designed to inform, inspire and build the momentum for change.  All speaker and film link information from the event can be found here.

We are keen to ensure that the VCSE sector in GM is well represented so encourage all VCSE organsations to get involved

The Green Summit and the work that informs it (local, national and international) is designed to create an aspiration that is owned by the people of Greater Manchester.

Our role, alongside other participating social economy organisations and campaign groups (public authorities, businesses and academia), is to ensure that the opportunity to participate is as inclusive as possible, whilst acknowledging budget constraints.

Collaboration is a significant part of our ethos. The Green Summit is a multi-stakeholder, multi-sector collaboration both by design and by necessity to achieve a sustainable GM.  

How can you get involved?

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