Being a VCSE Board Representative

The VCSE sector has a key role to play as a strategic partner in Greater Manchester (GM) Devolution, which you are contributing to as a board representative. Please read the information below to understand what you can expect and what is expected of you.

Opportunities – how will you benefit from being a representative? 

You will:

  • Be involved in decision making processes and be in a position to influence change

  • Receive information first hand from policy makers

  • Gain experience of GM strategic representation and build relationships with key decision makers

Roles & Responsibilities – what are you committing yourself to do?

Your role and responsibilities are to:

  • Commit to act on behalf of the VCSE sector and advocate the views and perspectives of the sector

  • Commit to communicate with the sector to the best of your ability

  • Be accountable to the VCSE sector – gathering input from colleagues and feeding back to them

  • Ensure you have the capacity/time to be consistent in attendance of meetings as far as possible

  • Read papers circulated and prepare for meetings

  • Actively participate in meeting discussions, bringing solutions as well as challenges

  • Take suitable notes for sector colleagues and raise areas of discussion needing wider VCSE expertise

  • Promote joint working across the sector and act as a critical friend for partner’s services

Your role is not to:

  • Represent yourself or the views of your network/group/organisation in isolation

  • Feel you should be an expert on everything

  • Use this position as a forum for giving your personal opinion, or for forging your own political alliances

Support - How will you be supported as a representative?

To help you fulfil your role and responsibilities, VCSE peers will be available to support you to:

  • Ensure effective feedback and information flow happens with VCSE sector contacts to support you in being accountable and transparent in your role

  • Provide additional information that you require to fulfil your role

  • Arrange mutually suitable times for briefings, debriefings and follow up meetings

  • Facilitate contact with VCSE Reference Group members who can support you

  • Facilitate contact with or VCSE organisations who have common interests or concerns

  • Help you to access training and practical support (e.g. loop systems or translation) to best fulfil your role

  • Access mediation if working relationships deteriorate

Please note that it is expected that your organisation also supports you in your role as a representative and that you contribute to this support for other representatives.

If you are interested in becoming a representative, please email Kat Rado-Barnes and we will keep you updated when opportunities arise.

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