The GM Inclusion & Wellbeing Partnership

The GM Inclusion and Wellbeing Partnership (IWP) aims to identify and prioritise areas of current health inequality and reimagine and reframe the collective approach to tackling inequalities across Greater Manchester. 

The IWP was set up in September 2019 as part of the VCSE Health and Social Care Engagement Project to implement the equality elements the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the VCSE sector and Health and Social Care Partnership in 2017 and to celebrate and share existing good practice.

The partnership is hosted by BHA for Equality who provide operational, strategic and secretariat support and is co-chaired by Julian Palfreyman and Naheed Nazir for a two year term. 

Public sector GM IWP co-chair:   VCSE sector GM IWP co-chair:  
Naheed Nazir Julian Palfreyman
Group Associate Director - Inclusion & Engagement
Northern Care Alliance NHS Group    
Director - TS4SE Co-operative


The IWP intends to lead on the key principle of co-design and thinking beyond the ‘protected characteristics’ in the context of economic, social and cultural equality.  

Following a recent ranking exercise of priorities identified from locality engagement events, the following areas were selected as priorities that the IWP would collaborate on and influence:

  • Social Prescribing

  • Communication and Language

  • Equality Impact Assessments

  • Workforce

It has also been agreed that the IWP work plan should focus on ongoing activity related to:

  • The GM Strategy

  • Joint working with GM equality panels and leads

The workplan will be approved by members in January 2020, after which task and finish groups will be established to further develop work on these priorities. 

BHA for Equality would like thank the locality partners across the NHS, public and VCSE sectors that supported and contributed to the recent Advancing Equalities engagement events in 2018/2019.  All contributions have helped shape the Inclusion & Wellbeing Partnership’s equality priorities, workplan and its connectivity with existing GM equality panels moving forward.

How to find out more and get involved

For more information about the Partnership, please contact the BHA equality co-ordinator.

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