Substance Misuse (including Alcohol)

Developing and Ambition for Alcohol in Greater Manchester

Tuesday 15th October 2019

In late 2018 the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) started the Big Alcohol Conversation, a major public engagement exercise that reached out to residents across the city region, to explore the scale and nature of alcohol-related harm in Greater Manchester (GM) and the steps that can be taken to help address it. 

With all the results analysed from the above engagement exercise and accompanying reporting complete, a draft Ambition for Alcohol for Greater Manchester has now been written.  Hosted by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO) and 10GM, the purpose of this event was for the GM VCSE sector to:

  • Receive feedback on the Big Alcohol Conversation report findings 
  • Help progress the drafting of a GM Ambition for Alcohol

Event programme

Combined speaker presentations

The Big Alcohol Conversation Design Workshop

Wednesday 12th September 2018

This workshop event offered GM VCSE organisations the opportunity to contribute to the design of the GM Big Alcohol Conversation project, especially the Community Engagement element, which will be delivered by the VCSE sector.

Many VCSE organisations have already contributed to the development of the GM Drugs and Alcohol strategy through their attendance at prior events, such as those listed above. The GM Drugs and Alcohol strategy will be formally launched on the 15th November 2018 alongside the start of a Big Alcohol Conversation which will last until the 28th February 2019 and is intended to engage the GM public in a dialogue around the scale and nature of alcohol-related harm in GM, with a specific focus on health related harms and 'hidden' and visible harm caused to children and young people by adult alcohol consumption. The outcome will be a shared GM 'Ambition for Alcohol'. 

Event programme

Combined speaker presentations

Drugs and Alcohol Strategy Listening Event 

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Following the successful engagement event that took place during 2017, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) held this event as they were keen to involve key VCSE sector colleagues in developing the final version of the GM Drug and Alcohol strategy and to shape a potential investment proposal to the GM Transformation Fund. The event was also intended to sense check the emergent high level Outcomes Framework and Common Standards in relation to drugs and alcohol. This important workshop was geared towards progressing this programme of work towards completion by March-April 2018.

Event programme

Speaker presentation 

Draft Drugs and Alcohol strategy

Notes from group discussions

Greater Manchester VCSE Assembly: Health and Social Care: Substance Misuse

Friday 11th August 2017

In Autumn 2017, the GM Alcohol Strategy was refreshed and replaced by a new integrated Substance Misuse Strategy. This event was an opportunity for a broad VCSE audience to talk directly with the public sector leaders responsible, and contribute to the draft strategy as well as from those who support people in the community, particularly organisations who reach people who don’t use mainstream services, and who understand what would be helpful to them.

Event progamme

Speaker presentation 



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