Learning GM

Linked to the Leaders in GM programme, Learning GM focuses on bringing leaders from different sectors together, through events and the Learning Exchange, to provide opportunities for cross-sector sharing around leadership practices.

As leaders develop a greater understanding of their communities, leadership practices and methods of working, we believe collaboration and sharing of good practice can help improve the lives of Greater Manchester citizens.

The Learning Exchange is a mechanism by which leaders across sectors can connect with each other to share their learning and create ongoing relationships.

Why are we doing it?

GMCA are now working towards The Greater Manchester Model of public service delivery. This sets out a way of working that is focused around relationships with citizens, neighbourhoods and colleagues and will embed place-based working in all public services across GM. To achieve this goal, leaders from all sectors will have to work closely together in localities and beyond. Learning GM is a way of encouraging collaborative working, necessary for implementing the GM Model.

The values and approaches of the VCSE sector are closely linked to the GM Model. Through Learning GM we can share our experiences and our learning around the successes and challenges of:

  • place-based leadership

  • Collaborative working and shared leadership

  • Preventative approaches

  • Co-design and co-production

  • Asset based approaches

  • Working using a bottom up approach

  • Focusing on what matters to people

  • Empowering people and focusing on good physical, mental and social wellbeing

  • Measuring what matters to people

Learning GM is for leaders from across Greater Manchester from public services, voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises. You need not be a leader by title to get involved but someone who leads through action and ideas based on the needs of our people and communities.

How can you get involved?

Find out more about the Learning Exchange and register to participate  LEARNING EXCHANGE



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