Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Equal Opportunities Policy

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GMCVO’s vision is of a strong, diverse and influential voluntary sector.  It is therefore essential that GMCVO itself upholds, reflects and develops the principle of equal opportunities internally, and that it actively promotes and disseminates best practice within the voluntary sector as a whole. The Equal Opportunities Policy is a cross-cutting document intended to ensure GMCVO takes account of diversity and equality issues in every aspect of its work.
GMCVO operates across Greater Manchester within the context of the North West.  Greater Manchester is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse areas in the UK, including high percentages of people from a wide variety of black and ethnic minority backgrounds, a large gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans community, a large number of refugees and people seeking asylum, and a big student population including international students.  This multi-culturalism adds value to the lives of all Greater Manchester residents in many ways, and helps the city region to hold a significant position at European level.
On the other hand Greater Manchester also contains some of the most deprived areas in England (as measured by the Multiple Index of Deprivation 2004).  Seven of ten districts qualify as neighbourhood renewal areas and there are areas of extreme deprivation within all districts. Child poverty is higher than average; the percentage of the adult population holding graduate or postgraduate qualification is lower; people living within Greater Manchester Strategic Health Authority have a life expectancy lower than in any other area of England.  Many people and groups in Greater Manchester face disadvantage; many face unfair discrimination; some experience both.  Alongside a history of tolerance and co-existence within the city region, there runs a parallel history of embedded inequalities, prejudice, hostilities and violence.
This context will impact on all aspects of GMCVO’s work, and particularly on how we address inequality and difference. Nevertheless GMCVO will actively seek to involve a broad diversity of people as trustees, employees, associates and partners, and actively to contribute to the alleviation of disadvantage and inequality.

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