Ambition for Ageing

Ambition for Ageing was a 7-year programme (2015 – 2022) that aimed to create more age-friendly places in Greater Manchester and empowered people across Greater Manchester to live fulfilling lives as they age.

Ambition for Ageing was part of the National Lottery Community Fund’s national Ageing Better initiative; a seven-year, £78 million investment to improve the lives of people aged over 50 by addressing social isolation and loneliness within local communities.

Our fundamental belief was that a series of small changes across Greater Manchester would ultimately result in a long term, large scale reduction in social isolation in older people across the region.

With an additional 12 months funding from the National Lottery Community Fund until 31st March 2023, GMCVO will continue to embed learning from Ambition for Ageing by:

  • Continuing to work with the GM Ageing Hub by supporting the £4m Ageing in Place Pathfinder programme; a three year programme designed to transform how public services work with older adults, with a first wave of investment in ten Greater Manchester neighbourhoods. We also continue to attend weekly 'Age-Friendly Greater Manchester' meetings, hosted by the Hub, and promote Greater Manchester-wide campaigns such as the Pension Top Up campaign.

  • Sharing our learning on delivering an inclusive microfunding programme by launching a Good Practice Guide based on our 7-years of experience.

  • Continuing to develop our work around supporting dispesed communities.

We will also continue to work with other Ageing Better partners to embed our learning at a national level.

Ambition for Ageing was a Greater Manchester programme aimed at creating more age-friendly places and empowering people to live fulfilling lives as they age

Why are we doing it?

The main risk factors for social isolation are linked to marginalisation and inequality. As such, the programme focused on equalities and shifting power towards those who have not traditionally been involved in decision making at a local level.

We worked to ensure that the voice of older people, local communities and VCSE organisations influenced the development of policy.

How can you get involved?

Visit the Ambition for Ageing website to find out more about the project VISIT WEBSITE