Aylish boosts her confidence volunteering and now enjoying paid work


Aylish joined GM’s Hidden Talent in February after her mum and Tina Huxley, a Talent Coach at G-Force, bumped into each other. Tina knew Aylish as she used to be a member of G-Force as a child. Tina asked how Aylish was and what was she doing with herself. 

Aylish’s mum said that Aylish was in a difficult place so Tina and Aylish met to talk about how she could help.

Aylish had had a job and then had been on long-term sick. She was struggling with severe anxiety, feeling very down and lonely.

Tina invited her to join an art therapy class. She came along and really enjoyed it, becoming an important and popular member.
The art therapy classes led to her to start volunteering with G-Force at a local sheltered housing scheme. Here Aylish helped with an art therapy, supporting activities like making cards with the older people.

Aylish asked them if they would like her to come and paint their nails and give them hand massages. She delivered this project and the old people loved her.

Aylish volunteering with G-Force at a local sheltered
housing scheme

Aylish also got involved with a new community-wide project growing sunflowers from seeds during the national Covid-19 lockdown.

 “This was a positive activity for families to engage with during lockdown and was very well received,” said Tina.

“Aylish grew over 50 sunflowers and shared them with her neighbours. These opportunities helped her on so many levels and really boosted her confidence,” said Tina.

During this time Aylish successfully applied for a job at Carole Nash Insurance group.

Almost immediately after starting work Aylish had to self-isolate for 14 days as her mum became ill. She had only just finished her training and was worried she would lose her job. Because she had made such a good impression however, Carole Nash kept the position open for her. 

On returning, Aylish very soon realised the role wasn’t for her. She spoke to her employer and her manager agreed to move her into a new role in the post room which she is really enjoying.

“Aylish has been absolutely amazing throughout this difficult time and having experienced being so low and recovering in such a positive way, she decided she now wants to help others travelling on similar journeys. We agree, as she has got a lot to offer. She also wants to carry on volunteering at G-Force.”  Tina Huxley, G-Force Talent Coach.

Aylsih said: “Tina my Talent Coach gave me my confidence and my drive back. I took a step forward and I also chose to take a step to the side onto a different path and I have not looked back.”

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