Who are they?

They are WHAG Community Enterprises CIC – known as UP Community Interest Company. 

They were created by WHAG, a domestic abuse and homelessness charity who support and empower vulnerable women and men affected by domestic abuse. WHAG was established as a charity in 1981 and has continued to expand with projects in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Halton.

UP CIC is a small social enterprise operating with a Business Development Manager, Trainer and a voluntary Board of Directors. 

UP CIC supports the work of WHAG as a charity, to ensure that they both become more financially stable and independent continuing to support communities and society. 

What do they do and why?

They develop and deliver bespoke training programmes that focus on domestic abuse awareness and maintaining and sustaining positive relationships.  Their Adult Positive Relationships Programme is accredited, with a Badge of Excellence via Open Awards.

UP CIC work on an individual or group basis, delivering programmes face to face or virtually.

They work across all sectors including public and private, third sector and education establishments. 

They have recently been contracted to deliver domestic abuse awareness training to a variety of businesses, organisations and companies to raise awareness and knowledge of how employers should be supporting their staff if they are experiencing domestic abuse or if they become aware of an abusive employee. 

‘’Our social vision and impact is to promote positive relationships within a variety of sectors. We will continue to deliver our programmes, working with adults and young people to provide training, education and awareness around domestic abuse, and sustaining successful positive relationships.

It is so reassuring that GMCVO are supportive and committed to a variety of social enterprises and charitable organisations. Our GMCVO Investment Officer Tekla is fantastic. Her support with UP CIC throughout the years has ensured that any upcoming opportunities are not missed, resulting in our investment becoming a success.’’

Ruth Tunnicliffe: UP Business Development Manager

What funding did they receive and how did it help them?

They received the investment from the Access to Growth fund through GM Social Investment at GMCVO. This fund is blended finance with a mixture of a loan and a grant. The fund is designed for organisations who have the potential to add more value to their local communities and grow their social impact. 
The Access to Growth investment assisted UP CIC to ‘fledge’ ensuring that financial support was in place to grow trading activity. The investment will ensure that UP CIC can further develop, promoting and delivering their valuable training programmes to a variety of sectors. 

What impact has the funding had?

Their programmes have been accredited and professionally approved to deliver to a variety of sectors. With the impact of Covid-19, they have been able to professionally adapt all their programmes to suit online delivery, which in turn has enabled UP CIC to deliver to a wider audience virtually. 
The investment funding has relieved some of the financial pressures in order to focus on their business plan, marketing, adaptations and pricing structure.

If you are interested in finding out more about how UP CIC can support your organisation, company or community group, please contact them either by:
Email: info@upcic.info
Telephone: 01706 298230

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