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Who are they?

Goddards are highly regarded as leaders in the provision of high quality soft skills training and coaching. They are based in Manchester and deliver contracts throughout the UK. Their philosophy is simple: they believe that every individual should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“No one has taken such a big interest in me before and I started to feel better about myself early on. The coaching sessions are good because they remind me what I can be doing and how far I’ve come. I’m so glad I have Goddard to give me support.” A Customer

What do they do and why?

In the last nine months they have delivered over 1000 coaching sessions and 90 training days. As a result, their customers have:

  • Improved mental toughness

  • Developed insight into the obstacles they’re facing and dealt with them

  • Devised strategies to manage their health and wellbeing

Their approach is grounded on an evidence-based mental toughness framework - a proven predictor of goal achievement and really simple approach for customers in all walks of life to learn.

At its heart are the 4C’s:
Confidence—in abilities and interpersonal relationships
Commitment—perseverance against the odds
Challenge—embracing change and uncertainty
Control—making things happen and controlling emotions

What funding did they receive and how did it help them?

Goddards received investment of £50,000 to launch a new product called Thrive which offers specialist workplace support for survivors of childhood trauma and advice for employers. By including this group of employees, Thrive offers a comprehensive approach to mental wellbeing in the workplace.
70% of survivors say that their trauma has had a negative impact on their career. Thrive offers solutions to limit this impact and enable employers and employees to work collaboratively to put support in place.
Thrive offers employers a good return on investment (ROI). It is a proactive approach to mental wellbeing, which can stand alone or strengthen any Employee Assistance Programme scheme. It’s based on a solid business case and will provide employers with expert guidance and solution-focused coaching or counselling to support their employees. The average ROI for workplace mental health interventions is 4.1:1. Goddards believe that companies can achieve a ROI of 8:1 when they use Thrive.

Goddards offer:

  • Empowerment of management and HR with knowledge to prevent absence through the Thrive toolkit

  • The ability for employees to self-assess - reducing the burden on line managers

  • Solution-focused counselling and coaching to reduce costly sickness absence and presenteeism

  • Employee guidance via a Thrive navigator

  • Bespoke training modules

  • HR advice

For more information contact Mike Naughton on 07825 393891/0161 870 2329 or mike@goddardconsultants.com

“The impact of childhood trauma can last a lifetime and has an impact on employees in the workplace that is beyond the mental health label. We all know about the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace; and I believe that talking about the impact of childhood trauma is now the last taboo”. Mike Naughton, Business Development Director - Goddards

What impact has the funding had?

As Thrive is a new service, no information is available on the social impact. However, Goddards continue their existing good work supporting mental health and wellbeing, whilst Thrive is being developed.

For more information about Goddards, visit https://goddardconsultants.com/

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