How Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent provides support to young people in work

At Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent, we recognise that support for young people on the programme shouldn’t just end as soon as they find work.

Our Talent Coaches are skilled in supporting the young people they work with, to give them the guidance and information needed to help them through recruitment processes, as well as the support needed when they are in work.

There are vast inequalities among young people across Greater Manchester, and those supported by Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent often have multiple barriers to employment. This, combined with a lack of support when they leave school, and a lack of support manoeuvring the benefits system and the process of applying for jobs, young people can feel overwhelmed and unsupported to develop the confidence needed to even travel to work. This is where our Talent Coaches come in. They provide one-to-one and personalised support to ensure young people are supported at every stage of their journey.

Find out how one of our Talent Coaches, Janet Whitehead from Upturn Enterprise, supports young people after they have entered employment.


Harriet, 20, Rochdale

When Janet met Harriet in February 2022, she was eager to find work. Due the Covid-19 pandemic she had been unable to find stable and continuous employment.

With Janet’s support applying for jobs and preparing for interviews, Harriet has been able to secure a position as an Administrative Assistant in Rochdale.

Now that Harriet has begun work, Janet is in regular contact to ensure she has settled into her new role. Janet has been supporting Harriet to settle into her new schedule, and is supporting her to deal with anxieties surrounding her new position and, although Harriet isn’t settling as easily as she would like, Janet is there to provide support and encouragement.

“(Janet has made) a massive difference, as there is always someone there you can count on for advice” 

Janet is able to speak to Harriet’s employer, if needed, to ensure both Harriet and the employer are happy with her progress and performance, and can identify where additional support may be needed.

Harriet was also able to use the expenses provided by Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent to purchase work clothes and cover travel costs, which means she can feel more confident in travelling to and being at work.

Adam, 20, Rochdale

Adam is based in Middleton, Rochdale, and before joining Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent wasn’t keen to travel outside of the area. He was having a tough time at home, having to move in with his dad since his mother was moving away. Adam wasn’t feeling confident about his future, with no previous work experience.

With Janet’s support, Adam wrote his CV and a covering letter and started to apply for job opportunities. She also supported him to research housing options.

When Adam had an interview to travel to, he was able to use expenses provided by the programme to pay for a taxi to alleviate some of the anxiety he was experiencing.

When he was successful in securing a Kickstart position with Rochdale Council’s Parks and Green Space department, Janet ensured that Adam felt confident in using public transport to travel to his new job since she knew this was a cause for concern for him. She reassured him and ensured he was able to travel to work by providing the necessary emotional support, as well as bus fare and any information he needed. Janet spoke to his employer about his anxieties, so they could support too, if necessary.

Janet stays in regular contact with Adam to ensure that the workload isn’t getting on top of him and that he is able to travel to work on time and feels confident using the bus.

Support from Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent is invaluable to young people, and to employers. Giving young people a chance is absolutely vital, which is why we provide in-work support to smooth the path of the first few weeks and months in a new role for the young person and the employer.



Greater Manchester's Hidden Talent is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund, and led by GMCVO.

The UK Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government programme for 2021/22. This aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK to pilot programmes and new approaches to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.  It invests in skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment.   For more information, visit here.




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