Who are they?

IVAORG CIC is a Greater Manchester based Community Interest Company whose purpose is to assist individuals throughout the United Kingdom who are struggling with the problems associated with overburdening debt.

What do they do and why?

Throughout the UK many individuals suffer with severe problem debt and the damage it causes. A number of these individuals do not seek support and are unaware of the options available to them.
IVAORG CIC provide advice and support to some of the UK’s most financially challenged individuals; assisting them to better understand the different debt solutions they have at their disposal with the ultimate aim of assisting them to become debt free. The assistance they provide includes:

  • Free financial counselling - help clients to establish the most practical method for them to deal with their financial problems.

  • Freephone helpline - free advice to anyone seeking guidance on any general debt problems.

  • Free insolvency support – free support and guidance to those who are already engaged in a formal debt solution and, to those that aren’t, offer the ethically driven advice necessary to help them determine whether entering into a formal debt solution is in their best interests.

Since IVAORG formed, across all services they have provided assistance to over 350,000 people, with many thousands of distressed individuals having benefitted from immediate debt counselling through the free helpline.

“I am very pleased to report that our new insolvency practice is up and running and we are now providing practical advice and potential financial relief to anyone reaching out for our help.
With the introduction of our new ethical fee model, supported by our new customer ’pledge’, we are providing effective relief to some of society’s most financial vulnerable individuals.
Our handpicked insolvency team are extremely client focused and are already delivering an incredibly empathic service to all our new IVA clients. This is a new dawn for IVAORG CIC, where the services we are now able to provide will deliver a longer lasting benefit to the lives of all those we help and, hopefully, effect permanent change throughout the sector.” Iain Wrenshall, Managing Director – IVAORG CIC

What funding did they receive and how did it help them?

IVAORG CIC’s research identified a clear requirement for a new socially minded approach to be adopted within the debt advisory sector.
They received £50,000 to assist with the transition from a debt advisory intermediary to a fully functioning ‘not for profit’ Insolvency Practice, specialising in the provision of a formal debt solution called an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).
The funding has accelerated their ability to deliver their new, ethical, not for profit Insolvency Practice into an IVA market place where no meaningful socially minded alternative previously existed.

Excellent Service! A difficult time handled brilliantly. We first looked into an IVA with a debt charity but quickly realised this wasn't the best route forward for us. I really can't express how good Iain and Chris are. From the first phone call with Iain I felt relief that our IVA would be handled as well as it possibly could. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently with the whole process going through as quickly as possible. They are always at the end of the phone throughout and afterwards. Don't go anywhere else, give these guys a call, you won't regret it.”
Katie, 5 stars – Trustpilot – July 2019

What impact has the funding had?

IVAORG CIC are now able to fully meet the complete needs of the community, by providing them with the help and support they require on a much fairer and more ethical basis, as opposed to simply signposting our clients to external commercial organisations, as before.

If you or your organisation, encounters anyone experiencing financial difficulties and would like practical support or advice on how best to lend a helping hand, then please call their helpline on 0800 856 8569 and they will do whatever they can to help.

For more information about IVAORG CIC, visit www.iva.org

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