Love For The Streets

Who are they?

Love For The Streets is a Social Change Communications Agency. They have a clear vision, creating a world in which every person is empowered to be the change they want to see. As such, they are on a mission to inspire, educate and mobilise people and organisations to create positive social impact.

What do they do and why?

Love For The Streets are a rare blend of a social enterprise, media publisher and marketing agency- specialising in social media campaigns that inspire their generation and create social impact in local communities.

How this works: They reach tens of thousands of young people through social media by telling stories of inspiring young people who are tackling pressing issues in society. They educate their audience on these issues, then for those that want to make a difference offline, connect them to the grassroots charities that need them most.

Love For The Streets fund this work by providing social media marketing for non- profits, brands and businesses that they believe in. If you are a non-profit, they help with fundraising, member growth, issue awareness and policy change. If you are a brand or business they can believe in, they help you connect to our generation by taking a stand on the causes you care most about and create measurable social impact for the community through social media campaigns.

"We want to empower people to be the change they want to see, and to take action on any issue they want to resolve within their community"

What funding did they receive and how did it help them?

Love For The Streets received £50k blended finance from GM Social Investment in January 2019. So far, the investment has enabled them to grow rapidly and enabled them to phase in each aspect of their social enterprise, media publisher and marketing agency activities. By having a full team, they have been able to grow and manage our social change community to support grassroots charities, as well as develop their work supporting non-profits, brands and businesses. Specifically, Love For The Streets have been able to create an infrastructure around their volunteer recruitment work. They have the ability to provide DBS checks for new volunteers, establish a process for educating and facilitating people about volunteering, then streamlining them to their partnered charities and creating training and safeguarding procedures for all young people.

Furthermore, Love For The Streets now have partnerships with Women’s Direct Access Centre, Coffee4Craig, Barnabus and Lifeshare with 48 young people volunteering every week to support these organisations core services. As such, they are able to take the economic and administrative burden off charities and support them with the crucial work. Without investment, this would have been impossible.

"This investment has enabled us to triple down on what we are best at - facilitating students to work for local homeless charities. Being able to host volunteer recruitment evenings and take on the costs of DBS checks for our charity partners has allowed us to streamline the process of volunteer recruitment and provide quality volunteers to our partners." Lily Fothergill, Community Director – Love For The Streets

What impact has the funding had?

In 2 months:

  • Love For the Streets have finally been able to provide DBS checks to 16 new volunteers, which has meant they are able to streamline volunteer ready students to charities which need them most.

  • They have now filled all volunteering opportunities at their partnered charities and are now in the process of partnering with new charities due to huge demand. This has meant that the charities they support do not have to close any services.

  • They have also been able to focus on growing their commercial work running social change campaigns with NGO’s, non-profits and purposeful businesses.

For more information about Love For The Streets, visit

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