Pre-job search emotional and practical support with Mcr Young Lives


Manchester Young Lives (MYL) are one of Greater Manchester Hidden Talent’s Delivery Partners.

Martina, the Talent Coach at MYL has provided an update on the amazing progress made by one of the young people she registered to GM’s Hidden Talent. It offers an insight into the groundwork done by Talent Coaches to create a solid social, emotional and financial platform for young people to move on from...

“When the young person, 18, first registered to GM's Hidden Talent she was sofa surfing, had not been in contact with her mum in a while, had no proper income (she would get support from friends) and her boyfriend had recently been sent to prison. She was peer-referred to me by another young person I was already working with.”

“The young person had a lack of confidence and was very emotional. She was unsure where to go for employment support and did not know what benefits she was entitled to.

“I recognised the need to work with the young person and her mum, to resolve the issues between them. This took a few weeks but needed addressing: she needed the solid base provided by a secure living situation. It was apparent that moving into a hostel could have been emotionally damaging.

“The young person has now moved back in to the family home and feels safe. She wants to gain employment to be able to get her own flat in the future.

“We discussed what benefits she is entitled to and I supported her to make a claim for Universal Credit. She has also been able to get an emergency payment to support her until her first UC payment comes through.



“We worked together to create an up-to-date and positive CV referencing her previous experience work experience and a part-time role she once had. We have also been meeting in various different venues to get her used to being around other people and large groups.

“We are now working on interview techniques and looking at the type of roles the young person would be interested in going into. Her confidence is slowly growing and will only increase once she starts attending interviews. She is a bright young lady who did well in education, I have every faith that she can find a fulfilling job.”

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