Responding to Covid-19: Kashmir Youth Project

Kashmir Youth Project (KYP) are an independent charity based in Rochdale, established over 40 years ago and serving the communities of Rochdale and surrounding areas. They are dedicated to the development and economic regeneration of communities through education, training and employability services according to the needs of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), disadvantaged and diverse communities of all ages. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic they were unable to deliver their normal contracted training and activities in the usual way and face a number of challenges to overcome before they can resume this work again safely.

However, they have been supporting their clients and other individuals understand and follow government guidelines; responding to queries; listening to people; providing virtual assistance; signposting and referring to the help that is available.

L-R: Numaan Shahid (Human Appeal), Cllr Allen Brett (leader of
Rochdale Council), Kalsoom Khanum (Aspire2Inspire
Communities), Khadija Tily (CEO, KYP) 

Because of their close links with BAME communities they quickly saw that emergency food schemes did not take into account cultural dietary needs of some groups and individuals. Through discussions with other equalities groups in Rochdale and Greater Manchester as well as individuals in the community, KYP have set up an inclusive food sharing scheme which enables those most in need to access food that caters for their specific dietary requirements.

Chief Executive of KYP, Khadija Tily said "We identified a need in the community which is currently not being met by existing emergency response efforts. This is not to say that our local and national government schemes aren’t doing an excellent job – we are very lucky to have that support. Our scheme complements these efforts."

The food scheme relies upon donations from the community and food parcels are distributed to individuals and families identified as being in need though KYP's existing networks. The scheme has been very successful and it is anticipated that food parcels will be delivered to over 750 people, including older and vulnerable people and local care homes as well as members of BAME communities.

KYP are also working to find a way to adapt and deliver their education and training services in the future, without compromising the safety of their clients and taking into account their unique personal challenges.

You can find out more about KYP and the work that they do on their website here.

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