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Who are they?

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change is an award-winning relationships charity based in Greater Manchester. Formerly part of the Relate Federation, on April 1st 2017, the organisation formally disaffiliated and became an independent charity in order to better serve local communities.

They have doubled in size in the last three years and have over 30 years’ experience delivering relationship support to over 3,500 people per year with a focus on a non-judgemental environment and innovation. Their aim is to support people to have safe, healthy and happy relationships. What do they do and why?
They deliver a range of integrated support counselling, parenting courses, domestic violence prevention and family mediation. They work with people from all walks of life and have a strong focus on the service being accessible to everyone, regardless of background or level of need. They support every type of relationship and support individuals, couples, families and communities to have better relationships. This can be a better relationship with yourself, with your partner, previous partner, family, friends, school an employer or within your community.

The focus is on services which offer prevention and ongoing support as being surrounded by positive relationships supports higher levels of emotional wellbeing and increased personal resilience. This encourages a society where individuals are better equipped to cope with the challenges that life throws at them.

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change’s most recent figures show 82% improvements in emotional well-being, 91% improved relationships within the family unit, 100% of families feeling less isolated, 211% reduction on Police call-outs for incidents of domestic unrest and 96% of people who have used their service would use it to again.

"Our vision is of a society where people enjoy good emotional wellbeing and personal resilience; supported by positive relationships." Michelle Hill, CEO - TLC: Talk, Listen, Change

What funding did they receive and how did it help them?

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change faced the challenge, upon the disaffiliation from a national charity, of maintaining public awareness for the services they offer and building the new brand to be recognisable, ensuring the people who required support, knew where they could find it.
They were successful in receiving GM Social Investment funding of £50,000 to run a year long marketing campaign across Greater Manchester, with a particular focus on Trafford, Manchester and Stockport where their key services are delivered. The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness of TLC: Talk, Listen, Change as a brand and focused predominantly around their counselling services.

This allowed the charity to work alongside a marketing agency and structure a campaign which demonstrated an understanding of why people would require counselling, aiming to change the narrative on relationship issues. It is designed to encourage people to seek support from experienced professionals in a non-profit environment that offers significant flexibility and never turns anyone away.

What impact has the funding had?

At the time of writing the campaign had only been running for 2 months. It is due to finish in October 2018, at which point they will have a significantly better understanding of the outcomes.

“The investment has been absolutely fantastic as it has given us the opportunity to conduct a large-scale marketing campaign, promoting the new brand and encouraging people to access services. Ultimately, people won’t get the support they need if they don’t know what is available.

This investment is particularly impressive as too often marketing and the importance of communicating charities’ messages and services are overlooked and are the first thing to go when cuts are being made. It is rare in our current economy to obtain funding for marketing and communications and as a charity marketing professional, I am really happy to see an organisation such as GMCVO committed to such a variety of projects and who see the value in charity communications. It’s been amazing to work with GMCVO, who have been open to contributing to the sustainability and long-term impact key charity marketing campaigns can have." Paige Hughes, Marketing Officer - TLC: Talk, Listen, Change

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