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Don't underestimate how paying trustees will affect decision-making

Allowing charities to pay trustees without permission from the Charity Commission would fundamentally change the sector, says Gareth Jones, editor of Charity Finance.

Participants wanted to explore new models of urban governance in Greater Manchester

People with different knowledge, skills and resources interested in making devolution matter in Greater Manchester are invited to take part in a research project to develop innovative responses to

Tools for managing risk in charities

A new guide to risk management in charities has been written by charity audit and consulting firm, Sayer Vincent.

Trustee Training Workshop

This free workshop will cover the legal duties and responsibilities of charity trustees, looking at board effectiveness and its role, how this role relates to the work of the chief executive, confl

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Register of people with significant control

From 6th April 2016 all companies – including charitable companies, community interest companies and wholly-owned subsidiary trading companies – must have a register of "people wit

We need to help trustees by building a governance model that is fit for modern challenges

Rather than scaring trustees into ticking regulatory boxes, we need an approach to governance that promotes leadership, writes consultant Stella Smith.

Government consults on converting charities to CIOs

The Cabinet Office has opened a consultation into the regulation and timescale of the conversion of charities into charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs).

Charity Commission launches new online registration service

The Charity Commission has launched a new prototype online charity registration service.

New guidance on charities and trading

New guidance for charities engaged in trading activities has been issued by the Charity Commission.

'Many small charity trustees don't know what they are supposed to be governing'

Many trustees of small charities don't understand their legal responsibilities and just accept whatever the chief executive says, a charity leader told a meeting of a Parliamentary group on 9th Feb

Conflicts of interest

David Porter, of solicitors firm Fieldings Porter, discusses conflicts of interest in trustee boards.

Charity fundraising consultation

New draft guidance which states more clearly than ever that trustees must take responsibility for the fundraising undertaken by their charities, has been published by the Charity Commission.

Let all trustees be 'natural people'

Charities need to be bound by the law, but many are concerned about straying from the straight and narrow, writes Peter Stanford.

Observations (and a health warning) on the role of chairs in charities

Recent failures of governance at high profile charities such as Kids Company have been subject to many articles, much comment and some analysis.

New guide to the chair/CEO relationship

Charity chairs must take responsibility for ensuring the chair/chief executive relationship is a productive one, according to a new guide published by the Association of Chairs.

Charity boards urged to attract more ‘millennials’

To coincide with Trustees Week (2nd – 8th November) Trustees Unlimited is urging more charities to recruit ‘millennials’ (young people aged 18 to 35 years) to their board

Awards for brilliant boards

Outstanding governance in both large and small charities is to be celebrated in the inaugural Charity Governance Awards.

Civil society minister backs campaigning as 'legitimate activity'

Rob Wilson, the minister for civil society, has given clear backing to charities’ right to campaign.

Charity reserves

A short briefing on charity reserves from a consultant at solicitors firm Fieldings Porter. It covers reserves policy, how much should the reserves be, and identifying the reserves.

How difficult is it to involve charity users in governance?

What happens if a charity involves beneficiaries in its governance processes, but then doesn’t agree with what it hears from them?

Charities should do more to recruit younger trustees, says CAF report

A report on the benefits of having young trustees has found that a diverse board can result in increased flexibility, greater scrutiny and better informed decision making.

The value to you of becoming a trustee

Quite apart from helping a worthy cause, putting yourself forward to sit on a charity's board can pay dividends for your career and your sector network, writes Annette Rawstrone.

Laying down the responsibilities of charity trustees

A new version of key guidance for charity trustees in England and Wales has been published by the Charity Commission, following consultations with trustees and charity sector bodies.

Are charities failing to tap into volunteer talent?

Ian Joseph, CEO of Trustees Unlimited, asks if charities are missing a trick by not doing more to recruit potential trustees from their volunteer base.

New charities bill begins its parliamentary passage

Announced in the Queen's Speech on 27th May, the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill has been introduced in the House of Lords.

Changes to charity audit thresholds come into force

A number of changes to charity audit thresholds, including an increase in the basic threshold from £500,000 to £1 million, came into force on 31st March 2015.

Why becoming an Honorary Treasurer is a rewarding experience

The role and responsibilities of an Honorary Treasurer and what valuable experience and skills finance professionals can gain from this position are discussed by Denise Fellows, Chief Executive of

10 ways to ensure good succession planning

Too few organisations are running their board recruitment campaigns with an eye on potential successors to the chair, says Ian Joseph, chief executive of Trustees Unlimited.

Further delay in registering charitable companies as CIOs

Companies limited by guarantee will not be able to apply to become charitable incorporated organisations until after the general election, the government has confirmed.

Charity trustees and management working together

NPC has published a briefing paper from its recent seminar on how to ensure effective partnerships between charity trustees and senior management.

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