Back to the future? Voluntary action, the state and welfare provision

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Part of the GMCVO Academic Perspectives Lecture series.

Speakers: Georgina Brewis, University College London & Angela Ellis Paine, University of Birmingham

This is the first in GMCVO's Academic Perspectives Lecture series.

Voluntary action has played a crucial role in crisis management during the Covid-19  pandemic, but how might this influence the relationship between voluntary action and the state in the future? What can history tell us about the future role of voluntary action in the provision of welfare services?

A team of researchers has examined the role of voluntary action at two similarly transformational moments in welfare history: the renegotiation of boundaries between the state and the VCSE sector in the wake of the recession and subsequent pursuit of austerity during the 2010s and the questioning of voluntary action during the establishment of comprehensive welfare services in the 1940s. At these two transformational moments, fundamental questions have been raised about who is responsible for the provision of welfare services.

Join Georgina Brewis and Angela Ellis Paine for a lecture outlining how similar concerns about welfare led to radically different conclusions in these two pivotal moments. Georgina and Angela will show how the relationship between the VCSE sector and the state shifted from a pragmatic partnership in the 1940s to an antagonistic collaboration in the 2010s and how during Covid-19 the relationship may be understood as one of necessity.

While history rarely repeats itself it often rhymes. Therefore, looking at the relationship of the VCSE sector and the state in previous transformational moments might give some insight into what to expect for the shape of the future.


30th September, 2021 4:00 PM through  5:00 PM

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