GM's Hidden Talent, Employer Workshop: Adapting recruitment methods to attract diverse young people

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Want to break down barriers to recruiting young people with limited experience of the workplace? GM’s Hidden Talent identify easy-to-implement changes for both large and small employers.


Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO) is the programme lead for Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent: a voluntary youth employment programme working with hidden young people - 18-25 year olds who are not in employment, education, or training (NEET), and not claiming benefits. We are delighted to announce the first in a series of free employer workshops 

Being described as NEET is not a characteristic, it is merely a life situation. Young people who find themselves in this position possess a wide range of valuable, work-relevant traits. GM’s Hidden Talent and its forerunner, GM Talent Match, have provided employment support to young people furthest from the workplace for the past five years. We know there is latent talent within this group and vitally, we understand how employers can access it.

The business case for employing this group is clear. Given the right support and a chance to prove themselves, these young people make loyal employees. They want to repay the opportunities they have been given; are resilient (often due to testing life experiences) and bring a hunger to learn.

Recorded NEET rates in GM remain higher than the national average and these figures do not include the uncounted thousands not claiming benefits. This untapped potential needs to be brought into the labour market to contribute to regional economic growth. 

Employers are taking note. Some 85 % say that increasing diversity in their workplace is a priority, yet almost half of employers do not have programmes in place to attract diverse candidates. Our first employer workshop will address how this can be achieved. 

We will touch on all elements of the recruitment process: identification of skills needs, application composition, selection/screening processes and interview/in-person selection methods.

The workshop is open to HR professionals, talent managers, employment / recruitment agencies and SMEs.

In addition to a free networking lunch, Delegates will:

•    Learn where and how to access the diverse skill-sets of an underutilised talent pool
•    Hear directly from young people about what recruitment methods get the best out of them
•    Listen to case studies from employers who have adopted alternative recruitment techniques to identify new talent
•    Take part in activities pin-pointing where you can adapt recruitment practice, equipping staff with awareness of how to recruit and retain young employees
•    Find out how fair recruitment of young people relates to the newly launched Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter (Developing Excellent Recruitment & Progression is one of the Charter’s seven characteristics of good work). Hear from Good Employment Charter staff about Charter membership and why employers should sign up.

Directions and map to GMCVO

23rd September, 2019 1:00 PM through  4:00 PM
St. Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North
Manchester, M12 6FZ

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