Telling stories and making arguments - Working with qualitative data

This online event will help participants to make the most of their qualitative data, introducing strategies for analysing and making arguments with different types of qualitative data including interviews, visual data, mobile methods, observations and diaries.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is now fully booked with no further spaces available. 

Qualitative research methods have the potential to generate lots of rich and in-depth data for informing professional practice in the VCSE sector. Nevertheless, making sense of these data, which may be in the form of interviews, focus groups, photographs, walking methods, written responses/diaries and more, can often be an overwhelming task for the researcher. GMCVO have partnered with Dr Katherine Davies and Dr Adam Carter from the University of Sheffield to organise this participatory workshop, which will help you to make the most of your qualitative data. This could be data that you have already collected; or you may be thinking ahead to future research projects.

Katherine and Adam will introduce you to various strategies of analysis and will discuss how to bring different forms of data together to tell a story, or address a research question. You will also discuss how to write with your qualitative data, to help you to make strong arguments and clearly present your findings.

You will have the chance to work with some of the data Katherine and Adam have generated in their current multi-method ethnographic research investigating how families are dealing with Brexit. You will work in groups to try your hand at different types of analysis using these data.

For those who are currently grappling with data of their own, or who have specific questions about their own research projects, there will be an optional session dedicated to troubleshooting these specific problems where participants will be available to ask questions and talk through specific issues with the academic facilitators.

4th November, 2020 10:00 AM through 12:30 PM

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