Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Completed research

Mobilising volunteers: transport to involvement and opportunity
This project conducted over twenty semi-structured interviews, with both volunteer-involving organisations and volunteering infrastructure providers in Greater Manchester to explore how volunteering is affected by transport considerations.

Going the extra mile – community transport services and their impact on the health of their users
This project employed a combination of semi-structured interviews, participant observation and focus groups to explore the impact of transport on health from a variety of different perspectives.

Commissioning possible – Greater Manchester VCS organisations’ experiences with public sector commissioning
This research conducted a large number of in-depth semi-structured interviews with VCS managers on the topic of commissioning and analysed the material by pattern-coding the notes.

On the edge – perceptions of Greater Manchester’s rural and fringe communities
This research combined a review of literature and statistics with semi-structured interviews and focus groups in Greater Manchester’s rural and fringe communities to identify the challenges these communities face in a largely urban conurbation.

Spinning the spider’s web – VCS infrastructure in Greater Manchester
Using a mapping approach, this project aimed to establish quantitative baseline information about the Greater Manchester VCS infrastructure and the services it offers.

♦ GMCVO also undertakes commissioned research – a recent example of which looked at the potential of VCS organisations to offer mentoring to ex-offenders.