Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation


• Do you need a fresh perspective on the challenges you face?
• Do you need to take a different approach to the way your organisation operates?
• Do you want to take control of where your organisation is going?

Many organisations are having to adapt to a changing environment.
It may be just a small change, needing a little expertise – or it may be that a radical change, requiring more intensive support, is what is needed.
GMCVO understands the environment you operate in and the opportunities that exist for you and can provide professional and innovative solutions.

Project Management
Many services are funded through time-bound project grants or contracts. Our qualified project managers can provide the structured support to ensure that your project is delivered efficiently, resources are deployed effectively and your outputs and impact are reported clearly and accurately.

Change Management
A smart organisation doesn’t cope with change, it manages it. An informed and independent perspective can help you to identify the adjustments needed to shape your organisation in order to achieve its aspirations. Whether it is the size of operations, the style of service provision or embracing a more enterprise-driven culture, we can help you to plan the transition and embed the change.

Business Planning
Sometimes you are so passionate about what you do it is difficult to apply sustainable business principles, especially if that requires compromise. GMCVO has a wealth of experience establishing projects and enterprises that maximise benefits to the end user and are fit-for-purpose. We will support, guide and challenge you to plan where your organisation is going.

Organisational Development
When you have identified where you want to go and the changes that need to occur you may still want a little expertise to help you develop the organisation and the individuals within it. GMCVO will support you to start up your enterprise, re-structure, mentor or train trustees, staff and volunteers; and use its networks to explore peer support and other best value solutions.

Collaboration and Partnership Development
GMCVO actively encourages an environment where collaboration is valued. We can explore and facilitate collaboration, partnership, memoranda of understanding/agreements and due diligence. Using our understanding of operational challenges and local, regional and national networks, we can help you to make the right connections.

Consortia and Social Markets
GMCVO is able to help create consortia or support social market development to enable organisations of different capacities to come together and bid for commissions. We can advise on the best model, legal entity, partnership agreements and procedures for your situation.

Service Recovery
We can offer crisis intervention to rescue assets including the services, staff, volunteers, reputation and good will.

For more info please contact Ian Taylor at GMCVO
Tel: 0161 277 1040