Introduction to community wealth building

Wed, 21 Aug 2019

13:00 - 17:00


Introduction to community wealth building is a half-day training course for people wanting to learn about the theory and practice behind community wealth building, and how they can get involved in the growing movement.

The training will focus on four main themes

Introduction: What is community wealth building and why is it important?

Theory: What are the strategies to harness and democratise community wealth?

Practice: Where has it worked and what has its impact been?

Action: How can attendees apply community wealth building strategies within their own organisations and communities?

Who is the event for:

The introductory training course is for anyone who recognise that the economy is failing to work for everyone and is looking for a new approach to local economic development.

We particularly encourage elected representatives, policy-makers, and members of co-operatives, social enterprises, and the voluntary and community sector to attend.


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