Unleashing the power of procurement

Tue, 10 Sep 2019

13:00 - 13:00


Procurement has a reputation as a dull and bureaucratic exercise carried out by the risk averse. This session will de-bunk this myth and highlight the key role that procurement can play in building community wealth and achieving greater economic, social and environmental value for local places and people

The training will focus on four main themes

Introduction: Why is progressive procurement a key tool within local economic development?

Theory: How do you analyse the impact of procurement spend on local economies?

Practice: Where has it worked and what has its impact been?

Action: How can attendees pursue this approach within their own organisations and localities?

Who is the event for:

The introductory training course is for anyone who wants to unleash the procurement in their area or within their organisation. The content will be accessible for people with a range of existing knowledge and experience; there is no requirement for attendees to be procurement specialists!

We particularly encourage councillors; policy officers; data analysts; procurement officers in local government, NHS, universities, housing providers and police forces to attend.


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