Wellbeing at Work

Wed, 11 Sep 2019

9:30 - 12:30


This half day course will provide a practical introduction to improving personal wellbeing, helping to be better prepared to cope with changes and overcome setback.

Learning aims :

Improve understanding of the impact of stress on physical and mental health
Overview of different strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety
Understand the role of mindfulness in managing stress at work
Understand how thought management tools can help change negative thought patterns and decrease stress
Setting goals to improve your wellbeing and resilience at work

Course content :

Physiological impact of stress and anxiety, as well as emotional, behavioural and mental impacts
Tools to tackle impacts of stress on mind and body
Practical tools that you can put into practice straight away
Mood and stress management using CBT tools
Making your own personal stress management plan, including goals and actions

How to book / contact details:


Who is the event for:

All employees and volunteers

£75+VAT or £60+VAT for voluntary/third sector

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