We need to talk about mental health

Thu, 26 Mar 2020

18:00 - 20:30


A conference run by young people to open the discussion with businesses and employers around mental health. You will learn what it's like for young people in work place, discuss how this impacts your business and be given lots of ideas to make a win win situation for both you and your employees.

A diverse, healthy and productive workforce is essential to the success of individual businesses and the economy as a whole. However, in the UK almost 1 in 7 people experience mental health challenges in the workplace and evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness days can be attributed to mental health conditions. At the same time mental health challenges can fluctuate, making them hard to explain to employers, so those affected can struggle to find new jobs or stay in work. This makes those with mental health conditions one of the most disadvantaged groups in the workplace.
Young people can be particularly affected. 75% of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 24 and many young people are often juggling zero hours contracts, education and challenging home lives, which impacts on their emotional well-being. Young people often fear raising issues around their mental health with their managers for fear of being treated differently and even losing their jobs.

Many employers want to help but are unsure how to support young people when these issues are raised. They can sometimes make the situation worse through a lack of knowledge and appropriate support. This event, organised in partnership between 42nd Street and Talent RISE, is an opportunity to change this.

Topics Covered:

Employers attending will learn more about the issues young people face and will become better equipped to support them, creating more positive working environments for everyone.

Employers will receive knowledge and skills they can use to cultivate working environments that are supportive of young people’s mental health.

Young people leading 42nd Street's MORR programme will share their findings with employers in attendance so that they leave feeling more confident discussing emotional well-being and mental health.

We’ll also open discussions and make recommendations about how employers can take proactive, positive and practical steps to create working environments that are supportive and understanding.

The format will include a mix of short presentations, an interactive myth-busting quiz about mental health in the workplace and break-out round-table discussions facilitated by affected young people.

About 42nd Street

42nd Street is a Greater Manchester charity that supports young people aged 11-25 years with their emotional wellbeing and mental health, promoting choice and creativity. We champion young person-centred approaches that demonstrate local impact and have national significance. We offer a range of individual therapeutic support and encourage and support young people to have a voice, and access opportunities to learn, develop new skills, be creative, have fun and demonstrate to themselves and others that they are able to recover, manage their mental health and wellbeing and achieve their full potential.

About Talent RISE

Talent RISE is a global charity that helps young people facing barriers to employment to prepare for, access and sustain supported employment and work experience opportunities, wherever possible in the digital tech sector. To date Talent RISE has engaged more than 2,500 young people and placed over 200 into meaningful employment and work experience. We work in close partnership with a range of youth organisations who refer young people to our programmes and help ensure that young people are supported professionally and personally.

About Fanatics

Fanatics, the global leader for licensed sports merchandise, is a new breed of retailer – part tech company, part logistics expert, part e-commerce company and part manufacturer – that combines exclusive deals with leagues and teams with on-demand production and an agile supply chain to increase speed-to-market of high-quality fan merchandise distributed globally across all retail channels. Our Core Values were established to make Fanatics an inclusive, collaborative workplace where its 7,500 diverse, passionate employees feel empowered to carry an entrepreneurial spirit with them each and every day.

Who is the event for:

Business and employers wanting more knowledge of how to support their young workforce with emotional wellbeing


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