Listening events: Strategic review of NHS leadership priorities

Mon, 03 Aug 2020

11:00 - 13:00


The NHS North West Leadership Academy (NWLA) is hosting a series of virtual events to explore the successes, challenges and leadership priorities experienced by health and care leaders in the North West now and in the future.

Join Deborah Davis, Managing Director/Head of Leadership and Life-long Learning, to share your feedback in order to shape and anchor our leadership development strategy, ensuring an inclusive approach that makes the best of our resources. This work will support existing and emerging leaders at every level to be the best they can be as they navigate this complex, ambiguous, diverse landscape, which has some challenges but lots of opportunities in our ‘with covid’ world!

The NHS North West Leadership Academy operates as an expert commissioner in the space between local and national and we see ourselves as the translators, ensuring nationally driven initiatives are relevant to local context. Therefore, the results of these sessions will inform our local membership offer and a key part of our input to the national strategic review.

Our achievements to date have been co created with you as we adapted and remained responsive to the needs of leaders. We look forward to continuing our journey together into 2020 and beyond.

Please accept our apologies that there is not a longer lead in time, our team returned from deployment on 1st July and have been working at pace to ensure the events go live in time to meet national submission deadlines and to inform our restart activity that is already underway. We hope you can make it.

In advance of the session please consider
What work are we most proud of now and what are our current issues and challenges in relation to leadership and talent development?
What are the challenges and specific areas of priority to support and accelerate inclusive leadership?
What do you need from the NHS NWLA now and in the future?

Who is the event for:

We are inviting Chief Executive, Chief Officers, Chairs, Workforce leads including OD, Transformation, Health & Wellbeing, HR Clinical Directors, Social Care Directors, Medical Directors and alumni of NHS NWLA programmes amongst many others.

Please forward to colleagues who you think would add value to these discussions.


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