Wellbeing Writing Workshop - Balance, Preservation & Change

Sun, 28 Feb 2021

11:00 - 12:15

Online - Zoom

Whether you're an amateur, seasoned writer, or somewhere in between - The Writing Club facilitates an hour long workshop where you can draw out your creativity, escape from the struggles of today's uncertainty and improve your mental well-being.

This workshop will be exploring themes of Balance, Preservation & Change.

As we edge closer to brighter times, we reflect on what is or isn't working for us and move towards a renewed sense of self through short writing tasks that will allow you to go within and discover more about yourself.

A few important notes -

You'll need a pen & paper to hand! Nothing else.

You don't need your camera on, you can absolutely turn it off if you feel more comfortable. (No microphones throughout so that every participant can get into the zone!)

There will be an opportunity to share your work, but no pressure whatsoever. It's important that you do this for yourself, so if you want to keep it private then that's fine!

You don't need to have done anything like this before - it can be entirely a new experience for you. This workshop is accessible to individuals of all capabilities.

You'll receive a Zoom link on the day, so don't worry unless you haven't got it by 5:00pm!

How to book / contact details:

Any questions or queries, send an email over to me at somersetfreiawrites@gmail.com

Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite on the below link

Who is the event for:

Anyone who is looking for an hour of well-being practice, escapism, inspiration or just to try out a new hobby!


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