Answer Cancer - Cancer Signs & Symptoms

Mon, 19 Apr 2021

10:30 - 12:00


Cancer awareness saves lives. Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with Cancer. We know that the earlier a cancer is detected, the better the outcome for the people involved. Early detection saves lives. Why not top up your knowledge and confidence so that you can help yourself, your family members, community leaders and staff.

This 90 mins session aims to increase people’s understanding regarding the importance of early signs & symptoms to be aware of in relation to Cancer. The session details the importance of early detection and people should seek help and book to see their GP. We will equip people with key messages to share with others and where to sign-post onto for reliable evidence-based websites for anyone wanting further information.

By the end of the session participants will:

• Have a greater understanding early Signs & Symptoms to be aware of
• Know ‘key messages’ to share around early detection
• Have knowledge of where to find credible sources of information to pass on to others
• Know how to sign-up to become a Greater Manchester Cancer Champion
• Make a 'Plan' to share learning with others and 'turn learning into practice'

Answer Cancer is a Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise sector-led response to cancer in Greater Manchester. It is the working name of the Greater Manchester Cancer Screening Engagement Programme, a Voluntary Sector partnership working to improve cancer awareness across the region.

Who is the event for:

This session is open to anyone living within the Greater Manchester area with an interest in promoting positive cancer awareness messages to family/friends/work colleagues or anyone else within your local community. We hope you will join us and sign up to become a Greater Manchester Cancer Champion -


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