The Future of Lived Experience

Wed, 02 Jun 2021

9:15 - 18:00


Everyone has a story to tell – we know this wholeheartedly, but right now, it also feels like everyone is asking for our stories and there is a risk of storytelling fatigue setting in.

How do we ensure that people who share their lived experiences are valued and that those experiences are treated as a valid form of data in their own right?

How does society, institutions and organisations – ourselves included – to get better a working with stories and using them to create change in communities across the UK and Europe?

How do we mainstream storytelling as a way of sharing learning, building relationships and bridging divides?

For the third annual Institute of Community Reporters (ICR) conference, we want to explore these questions further and open-up a conversation about the future of lived experience storytelling.

For our 2021 conference, we are going ‘hybrid’ with a mixture of livestreams, Zooms and small-scale, offline workshops will take place. As an organisation and movement rooted in storytelling, we want to listen, learn and develop ourselves. We want to amplify the conversations that take place at the conference and the ideas that people have within the spaces that we work and work alongside our partners to ensure that lived experience storytelling is valued as a tool for learning, dialogue and ultimately to address inequalities and systemic issues in society.

On the 2nd June, different speakers, facilitators and change-makers will be exploring topics such as:

- How we and other organisations can work better with stories and the people who share them
- The types of spaces that are secure enough for authentic storytelling to take place
- The role of lived experience in achieving social justice

We’re looking for people like you, Community Reporters, grassroots change-makers, community workers, researchers, public service workers, policy makers, artists and creatives, health and social care providers, philosophers and educators and trainers to attend these and contribute their experiences and ideas to the conversations on the day. We hope to create a dialogue of different perspectives, challenge and provoke one another’s thinking, and sow the seeds of new connections between people.

How to book / contact details:

Book using Eventbrite at the link below.


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