Budgeting Basics - Helping Clients Create Household Budgets

Wed, 23 Jun 2021

10:00 - 12:00


Whatever you call them: budgets, I & E or personal financial statements.

Whether their purpose – from supporting grant applications, negotiating debt repayments or planning the family finances.

Never has there been a greater need for support with putting together workable and fair personal financial statements.

A short 2-hour online workshop to give learners the knowledge and confidence to support clients to create workable household budgets

Course aims:

This course aims to give learners an overview of the confidence, skills and knowledge required to help clients at risk of financial hardship produce fair and workable household budgets.
Prior Knowledge requirements:
The course assumes no prior knowledge and is of interest to anyone supporting vulnerable residents in the community who may benefit from managing their money or need to apply for hardship support.

Learning Objectives:

To understand what is a financial statement and it’s purpose.
Different formats and templates available for creating budgets.
To understand where the figures come from to complete the FS.
Understanding the importance of boundaries, ownership and remaining non-judgemental when creating budgets for others
Being able to support clients to prioritise spending, use spending guidelines, maximise income and deal with a deficit budget.
To know when to revise a FS and to be able to refer to the most appropriate specialist help if required.

Topics Covered:

Industry techniques to improve financial statements
Use of FS in different settings
When is it appropriate to use spending guidelines
Dealing with deficit budgets
Prioritising bills and dealing with shortfalls
When to review the FS
Dealing with disability benefits and UC in a financial statement
Allowing client’s to own their budgets
Remaining non-judgemental

How to book / contact details:

Via Eventbrite

Who is the event for:

Many workers and volunteers on the frontline need to have confidence to support clients to put together a realistic household budget, whether for managing their money or supporting an application for hardship support.


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