Budgeting Basics - Emergency Support

Wed, 23 Jun 2021

13:00 - 15:00


Course aims:

This course aims to give learners an overview of the main ways to access emergency financial help and other resources and how to keep that knowledge up to date.

Prior Knowledge requirements:

The course assumes no prior knowledge and is of interest to anyone supporting vulnerable residents in the community who may be at risk of falling into financial crisis.

Learning Objectives:

To understand what is needed when someone asks for emergency help.
To understand the risk if emergency help is not accessed.
To be able to refer to the most appropriate emergency help.
To be able to keep emergency help contacts and information up to date.

Topics Covered:

Recognising and dealing with an emergency situation
Accessing emergency cash
Accessing food and fuel banks
Essential household items/furniture
Emergency mental health support
Facing homelessness/unable to pay the rent
Getting a benefit check
Help while pregnant or have children.
No recourse to public funds
Keeping your reference materials up to date.

How to book / contact details:

Via Eventbrite

Who is the event for:

Many workers and volunteers on the frontline are faced with those in desperate need of emergency support, whether that be cash, food, household essentials or other help. This requires us to have emergency tools to hand to assist before we can begin supporting them with any underlying issues.


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