Making Health and Care for Older People living in Care Homes Safer

Thu, 11 Nov 2021

11:00 - 12:00


MICRA are delighted to host this webinar, presented by Maria Panagioti, Sally Giles, Claire Planner, Natasha Tyller:

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the extreme safety vulnerability of older residents

living in care homes. Within the NIHR Greater Manchester GMPSTR, we have been conducting a number of studies using variable methods to find out ways to improve patient safety in care homes and transition points. We will present findings on three key themes:

Infection prevention and control: We have found significant challenges in implementing IPC in care homes including staffing skills, education, workloads and work routines as well as a misbalance between resident quality of life whilst enacting IPC practice. Repetitive staff training and professional development with parallel organisational improvements have prospects to enhance IPC uptake in residential and nursing homes.

Safer care transitions: We have been looking at challenges in coordinating transfers to and from hospitals for residents at care homes and discerned points on the care pathway where safety appears most at risk. Transitional care interventions were found to be mostly ineffective for improving outcomes for residents and staff members. However, improving staff communication across sectors, and engaging primary care workers and informal carers present important avenues for making transitional care for residents in care homes safer.

Safety improvements based on resident/carer feedback: Several factors (i.e task performance, organization and care planning) contributing to resident safety were incorporated into a framework which can be used in real life practice by care home staff to examine and improve safety. We have also developed a tool, the Resident Measure of Safety (RMOS) which gathers residents’ and carers’ feedback regarding contributory factors to resident safety, enabling staff at care homes and health practitioners to learn what safety means for residents and carers and then make real-time service improvements based on this feedback and learning.

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