Cyber Security Strategies for 2021

Fri, 26 Nov 2021

9:30 - 15:15


Cyber Security Strategies that work for you - on-premise and in the cloud.

“HackMe Data” demo: see how hackers defeat security - even MFA!

Come and join the NWCRC, Precursor Security, Redstor and our expert guest speakers and sponsors as we restart our popular in-person events - at last!

What will you learn?

This event will look at elements of cyber security that have been brought into focus in 2021, including:

- Trends and considerations for cyber security in 2021. DS Neil Jones, NWCRC and Scott Cardow, MD, Precursor.
- Social Engineering – learn how criminals use the 'human element' to access buildings, data and critical information. Jenny Radcliffe, Human Factor Security.
- See how hackers exploit weaknesses in cloud and on-premise environments and how you can avoid them getting to you in our ‘Hackme Data’ case study. Discover forensic investigation and recovery techniques and how to respond to incidents, Precursor & IntaForsensics Team.
- A Redstor customer will explain why creating a cyber-secure backup is your first step to real security. Redstor.

There will be plenty of time during the day and over lunch to ask questions of the Precursor team and our speakers and sponsors. You will leave with a checklist of precautions you can take, and an action list for recovery in the event of a compromise.

Who is the event for:

- Small and medium-size companies and their IT partners and managed service providers.
- Information security leaders and practitioners
- Anyone with responsibility for cyber security in on-premise and public cloud environments, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Amazon AWS.


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