Ageing Better Programme Learning Conference - Session 2 of 3

Wed, 08 Dec 2021

10:00 - 12:00


We are delighted to invite you to The National Lottery Community Fund’s Ageing Better Programme conference to share learning from over six years’ work in 14 communities across England to improve social connection and wellbeing and tackle loneliness among people over 50.

This digital conference will take place across three half-day sessions on the 7th, 8th and 9th December 2021. We hope that you will join us.

This conference is being hosted by The National Lottery Community Fund to disseminate findings from the Ageing Better programme - a seven-year programme focussed on addressing isolation, reducing loneliness and improving wellbeing among people over 50. Kaleidoscope Health and Care is working with the Fund to disseminate learning from this programme.

The Ageing Better programme has been supporting work across 14 communities in England since 2015. Now entering its final year of activity, the programme partners invite you to share and contribute to their learning so far.

This digital conference will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to hear how Ageing Better partnerships have worked with people over 50 in their communities to understand and address social isolation and loneliness and to develop solutions together.

It will provide practical tips and examples of the methods the Ageing Better programme took to tackle loneliness. We’ll hear from expert panellists as well as from an inspiring group of keynote speakers (to be announced soon). The conference will also offer opportunities for discussion and networking.

The conference is spread across three sessions, 10am-12pm on each of 7th, 8th and 9th December 2021 - telling the story of Ageing Better’s learning in three bite-sized chunks!

Our second session will focus on programme learning around how to make connections - sharing how partnerships have put in place the one-to-one support that is needed to enable the most isolated individuals to reconnect and considering how we can ensure that the barriers to getting involved are reduced.

How to book / contact details:

Book using the link below.

Who is the event for:

This conference is relevant to anyone interested in tackling loneliness and promoting connection and to those with an interest in ageing - we will be joined by people from funding bodies, governmental organisations, and local voluntary and community groups - as well as many of the individual’s who’ve made Ageing Better happen. Please feel free to pass the invitation on. We hope that you can make it.

We recommend that you attend all three sessions - because that way you’ll hear about all of the learning from the programme. We’ll be sharing new material everyday - no repeats! However, you can attend whichever sessions you like.


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