Thu, 26 May 2022

0:00 - 0:00


This conference will explore innovative approaches to help reduce health and social inequalities through social prescribing. The conference will help develop practical ideas and strategies which attendees can take away and implement within their own work and infrastructures.

Social prescribing is now firmly on the UK’s national agenda. From the embedding of social prescribing link workers in every Primary Care Network in England, to the key role social prescribing offers within the NHS’s Personalised Care agenda, it is clear that social prescribing is here to stay and will only continue to grow.

Just as this new picture emerged, Covid hit, and had a direct impact on social prescribing, including lockdowns preventing the running of face to face services, a spike in mental health issues, and the emergence of long Covid. Covid has further widened existing inequalities, and placed renewed emphasis on the need to address the social determinants of health.

The conference has been designed to provide ultra-practical strategies and real-life examples to support and manage the continued growth of social prescribing. It will explore how cross-sector relationships – e.g. NHS, local authorities, statutory services, voluntary sector organisations and community groups – can work to support people and communities, and develop innovative solutions to the social problems we face.

Join us for ‘Social Prescribing and inequalities: critical conversations and practical approaches’, where people with a range of expertise and experience will share ideas, identify challenges, and explore innovative and practical approaches. We envisage a highly engaging and informative day, in which we invite all participants to help shape the social prescribing agenda and maximise its value for people and communities.


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