We Move: Race Equality and Migrants Rights Summit

Fri, 02 Sep 2022

9:00 - 16:00


Runnymede Trust, in association with a range of partners, is convening We Move, Race Equality and Migrants Rights Summit. The Summit will bring together people working for racial justice, to share knowledge, to network, to celebrate, to strategise and to movement build.

We live in a time of new (or perhaps renewed) threats and opportunities. The question before us is: how do we build a social justice movement capable of addressing the threats and making use of the opportunities, to move us forward towards a better, more inclusive, vision of Britain?

While a summit of this type will inevitably explore the patterns of systemic disadvantage faced by communities across a comprehensive range of sectors (physical and mental health, education, employment, housing, criminal justice etc.) it will primarily be:

• action orientated,
• a celebration, and
• an opportunity to build and renew networks, what bell hooks would have referred to as our ‘communities of resistance’.

We will soon open registration for the event, and there will be a sliding scale of registration frees, from £199 for the weekend (including meals and overnight accommodation) to £25 without accommodation.

How to book / contact details:

Please use the button below to register your interest.


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