Zero Carbon Cities: Targeting Climate Change

Thu, 09 Jun 2022

10:00 - 12:30


What is Zero Carbon Carbon Cities? The Zero Carbon Cities project is an example of Manchester leading the way on collaboration, planning and support using pioneering processes, sharing knowledge and the passion to get things done.

The small print

An URBACT Action Planning Network, the project helped cities use ‘science- based’ targets to make the transition to zero carbon. With Energy Cities acting as lead expert, the project provided cities with an understanding of science-based targets and carbon budgeting and support seven cities to establish science-based climate change targets and zero carbon Integrated Action Plans (IAP’s) to enable them to make their full contribution to the Paris Agreement and the EU’s strategic vision for carbon neutrality.

The reason to attend

Manchester is one of the first cities in the UK to adopt science-based carbon budgeting and has developed a city-wide stakeholder group, the Manchester Climate Change Partnership. This combined with a project specialising in creating personalised actions for a city, demonstrates the need for scientific and collaborative action.

Find out the significance of carbon budgeting and how streamlining national targets helps cities to plan and act. See how small-scale actions involving citizens, help to drive change. Hear first-hand from European cities about their experience on the project and what’s next.

We aim to bring this technical topic to life with a showcase of action in cities to show what it takes, how it can be done and what is needed to create meaningful change in cities.

How to book / contact details:

Book via Eventbrite using the link below.

Who is the event for:

Who will be there? Topic experts, network partners, UK city representatives, European politicians, stakeholders specialising in climate change action and the project funder, URBACT.


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