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Experian’s poverty map of England

Six local authority areas of Greater Manchester are among the worst 50 in England at risk of poverty, according to data collected by credit ratings company Experian.

The 326 local authorities in England were ranked by key poverty indicators, from child poverty and financial exclusion to long-term unemployment and chronic illness. The area at greatest overall risk of poverty was Middlesbrough (ranked 1).

The poverty rankings for Greater Manchester’s areas were as follows:
• Manchester: 7
• Rochdale: 16
• Salford: 26
• Oldham: 27
• Bolton: 37
• Wigan: 46
• Tameside: 55
• Bury: 80
• Stockport: 115
• Trafford: 120

An interactive map can be seen on The Guardian Datablog via the link below.