Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

GM Mayor’s Green Summit: VCSE Listening Event

A consultation event to listen to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations thoughts, questions and commitments to influence the Greater Manchester (GM) Green Charter and achieving a more sustainable and carbon neutral GM.

This ‘listening event’ is one of many that will inform the Mayor’s Green Summit which takes place on 21st March 2018 and Greater Manchester’s Green Charter, which will set out the aspirations and process for delivering a more sustainable and carbon neutral city-region.

Over the past 30 years GM has become cleaner and greener but we need to speed up our actions to reduce harmful carbon emissions. Academics, activists, businesses, public sector and residents have been asked their aspirations for Greater Manchester, identifying the local benefits of commitment to sustainable development. This event is to explore the priorities for voluntary/community organisations and social enterprises and the contribution we can make.

If we aspire to living, working and playing in a city-region that makes a fair contribution to carbon reduction we have to consider different behaviours. Scientific research will be presented that identifies the main areas where change can make a difference:

  • Energy generation – many solutions will require electricity can we make better use of renewable energy?
  • Buildings – can we improve the energy efficiency of all our buildings?
  • Transport – can we end the use of petrol/diesel vehicles and increase the use of better co-ordinated, green public transport, cycling and walking?
  • Food – contributes 20% of our carbon footprint… how can we reduce this impact?
  • Waste – can we send no waste to landfill by improving industrial design and scaling up commitment to reduce, re-use, re-cycle?
  • Green space and nature – how can we harness the natural environment to reduce carbon, risk of flooding and the impact of buildings?

We want people from the voluntary, community and social enterprise world to share their thoughts and to explore options and the potential impact of choices. The way forward will require behaviour change and collaboration, which is a strength of voluntary, community and social enterprises… so it is probably more important to have experience of making change happen than knowledge of the science behind it?

Feedback from the theme discussions will help us understand:

  • Are there common threads that link areas of change?
  • Will sorting one thing out create pressure on other areas?
  • How can we all contribute to change?

In the final session we will summarise our picture of a future, sustainable city-region, describe our aspirations and agree a number of clear messages to feed into the Green Summit and the subsequent Green Charter.


Monday, 5 March 2018