Micro Grants to support mental wellbeing


Grants from £100 - £500 are available for voluntary and community groups and social enterprises to run activities that will support adults from the communities of identity or experience below that may struggle to achieve higher levels of mental wellbeing. 

Applications for this round will close at 16:00 on Friday 11th December 2020.

The communities we want to reach are:

•    Adults from BAME communities
•    Adults living with long term physical and mental health conditions
•    Disabled adults
•    Socially isolated older people
•    Military veterans
•    People who are unemployed
•    Adults who identify as LGBTQI
•    Adult carers

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing

We are looking for activities that will support adults to maintain or raise their levels of mental wellbeing using the principles of The New Economics Foundation’s “Five Ways to Wellbeing” while maintaining the governments social distancing guidance and restrictions. The 5 Ways to Wellbeing include five different areas of activity, that evidence shows, people need to be doing to achieve higher levels of mental wellbeing; be active, notice, connect, give and learn.

More information about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing can be found here

Fundable activities

We are looking to fund applications that support adults to participate in at least two of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. 

Funding can be given to adapt an existing activity in response to the current social distancing restrictions or a new activity that can be delivered within the governments social distancing restrictions (at the time the application is submitted).

Before applying please check the links below for information about PPE and running activities safely.
HSE - Coronavirus latest information and advice
Together GM - Reopening
Manchester Community Central - Coronavirus advice and resources

The grants can be used for a variety of purposes which could include; equipment, online solutions, printing, distribution, staff-time and facilitators. We would expect that applications will reflect good value for money. 

In this third round we would expect that activities will be delivered by the end of March 2021

You will be notified of a decision within three weeks of submitting an application. 


For your organisation to be eligible to apply: 

  • You must be a constituted Voluntary, Community or Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisation operating in Greater Manchester for the benefit of Greater Manchester residents (also includes Glossop). 

  • You must have a bank account requiring two signatures in the name of your organisation.

  • Your organisation`s income must not have exceeded £50,000 in its most recent full financial year. 

  • Have a Safeguarding Policy which includes DBS checks if you work with vulnerable adults.

  • You must be willing to commit to monitoring the project (guidance will be provided) and tell us about it.

For your project idea to be eligible: 

  • The project proposed must benefit one of the following communities:

    • Adults from BAME communities 

    • Adults living with long term physical or mental health conditions

    • Disabled adults

    • Socially isolated older people

    • Military veterans

    • People who are unemployed 

    • Adults who identify as LGBTQI

    • Adult carers

  • Participants of the proposed project must be residents of Greater Manchester (including Glossop). 

  • The project proposed must either be adapting an existing activity in response to the government’s social distancing restrictions or a new activity that can be delivered within government social distancing restrictions (current at the time the application is submitted).

  • The project must be delivered by the end of March 2021.


To be successful and get funding for your proposed project you will need to:

  • Tell us what the project is, including how, when and where the project would be delivered within the current government social distancing restrictions.

  • Tell us how many people are expected to take part and explain how their participation would be encouraged.

  • Explain how your project would help people do at least two of the following things:

    • Be active - Take part in physical activity they enjoy and makes them feel good.

    • Notice - Be aware of the world around them and what they are feeling. 

    • Connect - Build supportive relations and connections with others.

    • Give - Give something to others: volunteer, join community groups and carry out small acts of kindness. 

    • Learn - Try something new, or rediscover an old interest, that makes people feel more confident as well as being fun.

  • Describe your past experience of working with the community/ies that would participate in your project.

  • Tell us how much the project will cost and provide an itemised breakdown that relates to the proposed activity.

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