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GM Poverty Commission Website Closing Down

The Greater Manchester Poverty Commission (GMPC) was formed in 2012 and included representitives from key sectors to understand the key components of poverty, identify potential solutions to improve the lives of those living in poverty and to challenge those in a position to help make a difference.

The Commission conducted research from May to October 2012, and published two reports in January 2013; an Evidence Report and a Recommendations Report which makes 16 recommendations relating to fuel, finance, food, access to services, jobs, economic growth and monitoring.

The Commission is no longer active and the website is about to be closed down. However, if you would like more information about the Commission, GMCVO has saved the reports and text from the website which can be found here.

A legacy of this work is the formation of Greater Manchester Poverty Action, an alliance of organisations wishing to respond to its challenge to make a difference . To find out more about current work to reduce poverty in Greater Manchester, visit: