Social Enterprise Support

This section brings together GMCVO’s projects and services relating to our work supporting social enterprise and the social economy. Explore the drop-down menu above ('in this section') for information about support available, networks to connect to and resources for social enterprises and entrepreneurs in Greater Manchester. Be sure to check out our social enterprise support directory

We work at the front line of Social Enterprise support. Through our Addventures project we provide an opportunity for new organisations to get going, and our GM Social Investment programme provides Social Investment for VCSE’s looking to grow what they do.

Behind the scenes, GMCVO hosts the Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network, and is currently working with other social enterprise stakeholders and GMCA to develop a Social Enterprise (SE) Strategy for Greater Manchester that supports the Local Industrial Strategy.

How do we define social enterprise? Please see our definition here.

A vibrant Social Economy will cherish its traditional characteristics of independence, inclusion and innovation and with a higher profile and greater recognition will be able to address local need and contribute to delivering on GM’s strategic priorities.

Why are we doing it?

We see social enterprise as a vital ingredient in the social economy, which comprises VCSE organisations and the social value of other economic actors. There are some known enablers of a strong social economy in a place, which we are seeking to mobilise, and these will include increased and better-connected support for social enterprise. We want to stimulate some innovative thinking about effective practical support for the social economy, and to embed a culture of considering the social impact of all activities.

Over the next year we expect to support the development of an ambitious Social Enterprise Strategy and implementation plan, and a refreshed Social Value framework, fulfilling commitments in the VCSE Accord and the GM Strategy. Anyone wishing to support this work should contact

How can you get involved?

We have a number of different projects, services and networks that support Social Enterprise in GM (see above). You can also subscribe to our Social Enterprise eBulletin to stay up to date with news, events and opportunities  SUBSCRIBE




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