GM Social Enterprise Support Directory: Listing request

This form is to gather information about the support you provide to social enterprises. This information will be used in the social enterprise support directory on the GMCVO website, and there will be a link to this directory on the GMSEN (Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network) website.

To keep this directory clear and user-friendly we only need a summary. We would encourage you to include further detail of your support offer on your own website.

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NB:These are the details that will be displayed on the directory

Support details to be included on the directory

We are an ‘Access Point’ for the Reach Fund, which means we can refer organisations to apply for a grant which can pay for specific support to get them investment-ready. The aim of this is to put them in a stronger position to raise investment through our social investment programme, GM Social Investment. Reach Fund applicants may use this directory to identify support providers.

If you are able to offer support of this kind, we expect you to offer an initial conversation with the applicant free of charge to help them work out what support they might need and identify if you are the right person/organisation to offer this support.

NB: The directory does not offer recommendations but is simply a tool for signposting to organisations who have indicated that they can offer the support listed. There is no requirement that organisations applying for GM Social Investment and/or the Reach Fund use a support provider from the directory.

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From time to time we will email information, events or opportunities which we believe will be of interest. Please confirm you are happy for us to contact you in this way: 

All information provided will be held securely by GMCVO in accordance with our Privacy Statement which you can read here.

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