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Partnership grants of up to £15,000 are available for new or existing partnerships, led by a voluntary, community or social enterprise organisation, that are working together to get more people in Greater Manchester walking. There will be a total of three GM Walking Partnership grants awarded. Applications should show a joined up approach that considers any relevant local plans as well as looking for opportunities to attract match funding through the grant.

All activities must encourage people who are usually less active to start or increase the amount they walk regularly.

We recognise that there are thousands of influences on our daily activity levels. There isn’t one solution to the issue of inactivity. We want to consider all the barriers and enablers to people leading more active lives. Who are you trying to enable to walk more? What are the things that influence them to walk or not to walk? How can you influence those influencers? Click here to view a diagram showing the factors that influence how much we move. 

The grants can be used to pay for: equipment and capital projects, travel expenses, training, additional staff-time and sessional workers

Proposed activities must link with other initiatives and funding programmes. For example, local authority or Greater Manchester wide grants, environmental or health related programmes.

Ideas for grants may (but not exclusively) include:

  • Engaging with communities, schools and businesses to encourage walking as part of the daily routine;

  • Working with communities to understand key walking destinations, routes and local barriers and solutions to get people walking; 

  • Making environmental changes/improvements that will encourage walking.

Organisations will become part of a network that promotes and supports walking across Greater Manchester.

GMCVO are giving out the grants on behalf of Greater Manchester Moving who have received funding from Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to support as many people as possible to walk more regularly. For more information about the Greater Manchester Walking initiative go to


To be eligible to apply for the grants:

  • The lead applicant organisation must be a constituted Voluntary, Community or Social Enterprise organisation (VCSE) operating in Greater Manchester for the benefit of Greater Manchester residents (also includes Glossop);

  • The activity must be delivered by a partnership of two or more organisations;

  • The activity must benefit an identified community. This can be a geographic (local area) or community of identity/ experience (e.g. young people, LGBT community, unemployed people, BAME communities);

  • The lead applicant organisation must have a bank account requiring two signatures in the name of the organisation;

  • If applicable to the people taking part in the activity, all partners must have in place an up to date safeguarding policy with staff and/or volunteers undertaking DBS check’s if appropriate to the role;

  • All partners must sign up to the Walking Voice network and commit to raising awareness of the GM Walking campaign;

  • The lead organisation must commit to undertaking an evaluation of the activity, provide case studies and share the learning generated;

  • The partnership must give permission for GMCVO, GM Moving and GM Walking to feature your project on their website.


Successful applications will:

  1. Have a main focus on, and clearly explain how the activity will, encourage people who are usually less active to start or increase the amount they walk regularly;

  2. Clearly describe the roles of the organisations in the partnership and how you will work together;

  3. Be driven, developed and ideally delivered by people from within communities;

  4. Adequately explain your idea as well as how and when your activity would be delivered;

  5. Tell us who and how many people are likely to take part;

  6. Show how they link with other relevant initiatives and funding programmes;

  7. Explain how you know your activity is needed and wanted by the people who will be taking part;

  8. Show how long term positive change will take place in peoples walking habits;

  9. Give a detailed explanation of costs and how they relate to the idea;

Please note we envisage that all grants from this round will be spent by 31st March 2021. 

The Process

Stage 1 - Expression of Interest

  • Opening of invitation for partnerships to submit an expression of interest: 18th February 2020

  • Briefing session: Thursday 27th February 2020 1.30pm  

  • Deadline for partnerships to submit an expression of interest: 30th April 2020 5pm

Stage 2 - Proposal development: non-competitive stage

We will aim to work to the dates below but due to the ever changing nature of the covid-19 situation, and the difficulties that partners may in having engaging at the moment, timescales will need to be flexible.

  • Notification of decisions and invitation to submit Stage 2 proposal for three partnerships: 28th May 2020

  • The three successful projects will be asked to develop their proposal in line with the above criteria and provide any further details requested by the panel. Up to four days development support will be provided. Ends: 29th June 2020

Stage 3 - Decision

Final decisions will be made and grants awarded: 14th July 2020

How decisions will be made

Expressions of Interest will be firstly marked to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements. Using criteria 1-6, decisions on which partnerships will be invited to further develop their application will be made by a panel consisting of GMCVO and GM Moving officers and at least one independent panelist.

Criteria will be scored from 1 (did not meet the criteria at all) to 5 (excellent response that fully met the criteria) against each criteria. Applications will need to score at least 3 (satisfactorily addressed the criteria) on each point to have chance at being successful. 

Decisions will be made by using the scores generated and the need to ensure that the GM Walking grants programme benefits a wide range of people across Greater Manchester. 

At Stage two we will expect organisations to further develop their proposal giving further information on criteria 1-6, as requested by the panel, and fully address criteria 7-9.

At the end of the proposal development stage the three full proposals will be assessed to see if they have satisfactory provided all information requested before being awarded a grant

If you wish to submit an expression of interest, please register below and we will send you a link to the application form. If you have already registered, you can apply below. Note that you will need to log in using the details entered when you registered.

If you need any help in registering/applying or have any questions please email

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